5.8 Orange vise with .120 step

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The Serra Jaws are a one stop shop for all your roughing operation needs. They are made from ground A2 tool steel then hardened in a vacuum furnace to 58-60 RC. These jaws are designed to work in the new aluminum Orange vise jaw carriers. They have a scale on them for easy alignment of parts with out the need for stops or measuring from the end of your jaw. They have an increased step height of .120 to grip onto more of your part allowing you to rough out your part with a minimal amount material to remove in your second operation. Serra jaws can also be used in fixture plates, pallets, and endless other fixture applications. New tooth designed for non ferrous materials and plastics but will also work in some ferrous materials under 30RC.


1 kit included 2 jaws and 8 x 10-32 alloy steel screws for mounting. Does not include orange vice carrier.